Simple Tips For Parents & Students To Handle Exam Time Anxiety

February 26, 2019 By Admin

Another school year is drawing to a close and the annual examinations are upon us. It is a stressful time for the children and parents alike. While children are gearing up to meet the challenge of exams, parents are readying themselves to support the children in whatever way possible.


Dear kids,

Your TV time and mobile games are being cut down, mummies are adding extra proteins and veggies into your lunch and you are being woken up early morning for revisions! These measures may sound unfair to you now, but remember that your parents are doing all this for your own good. Even after a hard day at work, they keep awake so that they can sit with you when you study. They also sacrifice their entertainment as long as your exams are on. Exam time for you is as good exam time for them. So please co-operate with your parents in these initiatives.

Dear parents,

You are worried about how your little ones are going to cope with the pressure of continuous studying and how much of what they study can they retain at exam time. You are striving to increase their stamina, concentration, and general health. You want to see your kids achieve great academic success that would help them lead successful, well-balanced lives ahead.

However, for the kids to succeed in the exams, good preparations and a calm mind go hand in hand. Let’s not encourage the children to put themselves in competition with their friends or fret over their marks and ranks. Let us inspire them to discover the joy of learning, which is the ultimate goal of education.

Education is a continuous life long process, exams are merely checkpoints to show us where we stand, where our strengths and areas of improvement lie. Exams are not be treated as a measure of a child’s intelligence.

So could we do away with exams altogether? That wouldn’t help because we have a tendency to focus seriously on any goal only when there is pressure of a deadline. Exams help us sharpen our efforts and work to a time bound plan. Exams teach us some critical life skills in the process such as managing time, handling stress, improving memory and tackling competition.

Just as how flowers blossom better when there is sunshine on them, how a diamond shines only when it is polished, exams help students to handle a challenge and come out victorious.

At this important time of the year, we at Naksha Academy promise to do everything possible to make the examination process smooth and hassle-free for our students. Our teachers and staff would offer all possible support. Parents are welcome to offer their suggestions and ideas which the school can implement to improve the examination process.

Good luck to all our beloved students for the upcoming exams. May you strive and succeed in your exams by performing to the best of your abilities. Few things to keep in mind – eat healthy, sleep well, revise every day and maintain a strict time schedule. Happy Learning!

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