At Naksha Academy, where creativity meets expression on the dance floor! Our Dance Program is a vibrant and essential part of our commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals.

Whether your child dreams of twirling on stage or simply wants to move to the beat, our Dance Program offers a welcoming and inspiring space for artistic exploration. Enroll your child today to embark on a journey of rhythm, creativity, and self-discovery!

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At Naksha Academy we believe in fostering not just academic excellence but also holistic development. Our Skating Program is a thrilling addition to our array of extracurricular activities, designed to promote physical fitness, balance, and coordination among our students.

Naksha Academy's Skating Program is a fantastic opportunity for students to embrace an active lifestyle, make new friends, and develop valuable life skills

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Welcome to Naksha Academy, where we prioritize the holistic well-being of our students through our dedicated yoga program. At Naksha, we believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also the physical and mental wellness of our students.

Our yoga sessions, led by certified instructors, are tailored to enhance physical fitness, mental clarity, and emotional resilience. Regardless of fitness levels, all students are encouraged to participate in our inclusive program, which features guided breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and beginner-friendly yoga poses.

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Experience the art and discipline of Wushu at Naksha Academy! Our Wushu program is designed to not only promote physical fitness but also instill discipline, focus, and respect in our students. Led by experienced instructors, our Wushu sessions cover a range of martial arts techniques, including traditional forms and movements. This program is suitable for students of all fitness levels, encouraging participation and growth in a supportive environment.

Integrating Wushu into our school not only contributes to a vibrant and active community but also nurtures qualities such as resilience and confidence in our students. Join Naksha Academy in this journey of selfdiscovery, physical wellness, and martial arts excellence!

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Subject Enrichment Activities at Naksha Academy

Engage in various sports activities and enhance your physical fitness. Join our sports programs to enjoy teamwork and competition.

Science Explorations

Our hands-on science activities take learning beyond textbooks. From exciting experiments to nature walks, we encourage students to explore the wonders of the scientific world.

Literary Adventures

Immerse in the world of literature through book clubs, author visits, and storytelling sessions. Our literary enrichment activities foster a love for reading and enhance language skills.

Mathematical Marvels

Dive into the world of numbers with engaging math challenges, puzzles, and mathematical games. Our activities aim to make mathematics enjoyable and promote critical thinking

Cultural Celebrations

Embrace diversity through cultural enrichment activities. Celebrate festivals, explore traditions, and learn about different cultures to foster a sense of global awareness and appreciation.

Environmental Stewardship

Instill a sense of environmental responsibility through activities like tree planting, nature trails, and eco-friendly projects. We believe in educating students about the importance of sustainability and conservation

Artistic Expressions

Unlock creativity through art, music, and drama. Our artistic enrichment activities provide a platform for self-expression, fostering imagination and enhancing communication skills.