Robotics and Coding

At Naksha Academy, where innovation meets education in our Robotics and Coding Program. Our program is designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

Hands-On Learning

Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to build and program robots from scratch. Through practical projects, they develop problem-solving skills and gain a deeper understanding of technology.

Coding Mastery

Students are introduced to the world of coding through engaging and age-appropriate activities. From block-based coding for beginners to more advanced programming languages, our program caters to various skill levels.

Creative Problem Solving

The Robotics and Coding Program at Naksha Academy fosters creativity and critical thinking. Students learn to approach challenges with innovative solutions, honing their analytical and logical reasoning abilities.

STEM Integration

Our program seamlessly integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles. This multidisciplinary approach provides a holistic understanding of how these fields intersect in real-world applications.

Project Showcases

We believe in showcasing the achievements of our students. Throughout the academic year, Naksha Academy hosts robotics and coding project showcases, providing students with the opportunity to present their creations to peers, parents, and the community.

Join Naksha Academy's Robotics and Coding Program: Whether your child dreams of building the next robot innovation or wants to explore the exciting world of coding, Naksha Academy's Robotics and Coding Program is the perfect platform. Equip your child with the skills needed for the future, where technology and creativity go hand in hand. Enroll your child today and let the journey into the world of robotics and coding begin!

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At Naksha Academy, we recognize the importance of holistic education. Our Abacus program is a key component designed to enhance mathematical skills and cognitive development in our students. At Naksha, we integrate the Abacus into our curriculum as a dynamic tool for mental arithmetic. Our trained instructors guide students through engaging exercises, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and promoting problem-solving skills.

The Abacus program goes beyond traditional teaching methods, providing a hands-on approach that enhances both concentration and numerical fluency. It is an inclusive initiative, catering to students of all learning styles and abilities.

By incorporating the Abacus into our educational framework, Naksha Academy aims to instill a love for mathematics and build a strong foundation for future academic success. Join us in nurturing well-rounded, confident learners prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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