Inter School ABACUS Competition

February 18, 2020

Inter School ABACUS Competition

Excellent performance by Naksha AcademyInternational School students at the recently held Finger Magic Abacus competition. Our students excelled the tough competition with 14 awards at various levels of competition. We congratulate every child who’s a part of the competition.

Inter School ABACUS Competition

1 Vyshnavi Runner 2
2 Chiranjan Runner 3
3 Sneha Consolation
4 Anish Runner 1
5 Nihal Runner 3
6 Varsha Consolation
7 Lahari Consolation
8 Manoj Runner 2
9 Kande Ruthvik Runner 3
10 Devi Sri Yashwanth Runner 3
11 Akshit Agarwal Consolation
12 Tarini Consolation
13 Pranav Babu Suresh Consolation
14 Janki Ram Gutta Consolation

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