Orange Day Celebration 2022

December 8, 2022

Orange Day, at Naksha Academy, was celebrated with enthusiasm and zest. Orange is a dynamic colour and stimulates imagination and creativity. Our toddlers were dressed in shades of orange, shining brightly. The children learnt the significance of the colour. Orange colour also symbolises enthusiasm, hope and prosperity. Today the Assembly Hall was decorated beautifully with orange-coloured objects, such as ribbons and soft toys. It also glittered with the displaying of pictures of orange colour. The children did interesting activities on “Show and Tell” related to the colour. The Nursery and Kindergarten students have shown the objects in the class and introduced the objects. Students were given a thorough understanding of the colour orange through different activities, such as how to get this secondary colour by mixing two primary colours: red and yellow. The colour represents optimism and energy. View Gallery

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