Teacher Training Session by Harper Collins

June 29, 2022

Quality concerns in school education are among the priorities of CBSE as they play a pivotal role in the development of the country. The Board is committed to make provisions for various training programmes for teachers and Principals to enhance their understanding of curriculum and delivery mechanism and other professional qualities. The training of the teachers assumes even greater significance to ensure the target achievement set by the Board.

Naksha Academy is one such school which implements the ideas and standards set by CBSE to ensure overall development for not only students but also for teachers. The teachers underwent a training session conducted by HARPER COLLINS to understand the concepts and learning outcomes drafted by COLLINS. The session was conducted by Mrs. Namrata Pant, the Manager of Collins, during the second half of the day. The plenary commenced with its learning objectives, followed by the pathway to teacher’s manual and generating test. The 90 minutes session enthralled with some colourful animations, listening texts and speaking activities.

The objective of this session was to simplify the tasks of the teachers by making the resource books and materials available to them easily. Teachers were highly impressed by the tricks and techniques used by COLLINS to balance the quantity as well as the quality of the lesson.

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