Yellow Day Celebration 2022

October 27, 2022

The colour Yellow is for happiness, hope, and spontaneity. It’s a happy youthful colour, full of hope and positivity. It’s a colour that grabs your attention. The physical effect of yellow colour is invigorative, it stimulates our nerves, glands, and brain, making us more alert and energized. Yellow boosts our memories and encourages communication. It is a colour that prompts activities and interactions. All over the world, yellow is associated with the sun and it’s life-giving warmth. Yellow also stands for caution, and it’s used for traffic warning signals. Yellow is the optimism and cheerfulness of a sunny day.

Today, our tutee enthusiastically celebrated Yellow Day along with the mentors. Appreciate each and every parent for their wholehearted support to make it a grand success by taking time to dress up their ward(s) in yellow.

Various activities were conducted to make the event a memorable one, where each and every one was an integral part.View Gallery

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