Pillars of Naksha

SMT. Nalina Satish Reddy


It all started with a dream to open an educational institution for the welfare of society, immense determination and a strong belief that a person should always learn from their successes and failures. Successes motivating one to keep doing what is right again and failures teaching one to learn from mistakes made. Today, Naksha Academy Bangalore is the dream child of Mrs. Nalini Satish. She is a hard working passionate woman with a vision of building tomorrow’s society by inculcating values in today’s children. She has taken on the responsibility of Chairperson of Naksha Academy and aims at moulding children to be successful in following their interests.

As Chairperson of the ‘NAKSHA ACADEMY’, I promise you a utmost care by our dedicated, highly qualified, and experienced faculty without any bias or prejudice.

I repeat, “we have changed our School name but not our promise”


Founder, Director

Mr. Satish Reddy is simple, hard-working and the Founder and Director of Naksha Academy, Bangalore. It was his dream to establish an educational institution which would help in educating children to be successful in today is competitive world and face the many challenges it poses. His simplicity is the inspiration for members of the school, while his hard work and a strong commitment to everything he undertakes has gone a long way to making the school and landmark educational institution in Gunjur. He is a pillar of the institution with a vision of creating a better tomorrow for the society.