Middle School Curriculum


  • Age group

    11 – 13 years.

  • Languages


  • Grade


  • Class Strength

    25 students in each class.

  • Time

    7:55 AM to 02:30 PM.


During the middle school years, our curriculum is dedicated to fostering the growth of independent learners. We prioritize the cultivation of a curious scientific mind-set and the development of intellectual thought processes


The middle school curriculum centers around the following priorities:

  • Academic Rigor: Providing a challenging and comprehensive academic program.
  • Skill Development:Fostering the acquisition of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Exploration: Offering diverse subjects to encourage students to explore various fields of interest
  • Independent Learners: Ability to take responsibility for their own learning, self-motivated, proactive, and capable of managing their educational journey
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Supporting the development of emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and resilience.

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Activities involved & their benefits

  • Co-curricular activities like puppetry, art & craft, Yoga, Music, dance, skating, abacus caters to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and serves as a
    starting point of formal education.
  • Our colour day celebration themes build an aesthetic value to the students.